Bullying is wrong and damages individual children. We therefore do all we can to prevent it by developing a school ethos in which bullying is regarded as unacceptable by all children and adults. We aim as a school to produce a safe and secure environment where all can learn without anxiety. This policy aims to produce a consistent school response to any bullying incidents that may occur, whether in the real or online world. We aim to make all those connected with the school aware of our opposition to bullying and we make clear each person’s responsibilities with regard to the eradication of any bullying in our school.

Racist bullying

If any child is using racist language, parents will be immediately informed and further action will be taken. This will also be reported to the local authority.
Homophobic bullying If any child is using homophobic language towards another child, this needs to be brought to the attention of the Head of School immediately. This will be recorded and parents will be notified.

E-Bullying Online


Bullying through social media sites is becoming more frequent in the UK and around the world and it affects many children from a relatively young age. At Halstow, we do not accept any forms of bullying and this reflects our stringent E-safety policy. If a child has been using social media to cause psychological harm to other children or adults, their parents will be notified and they may be asked to come into school to discuss the matter further. In certain cases, their Internet use will be severely restricted or taken away for an indefinite period.
There are other forms of bullying which can take place in a school environment. Children can bully in a face-to-face setting where they are very verbal and aggressive towards another child. However, they can also bully in non-verbal ways such excluding a child from a group or a game. It can also take the form of facial expressions and whispering behind a child’s back. At Halstow, we take every form of bullying very seriously and persevere to rigorously challenge and remove it if it appears.


If you are concerned that your child might be being bullied, or who suspect that your child may be the perpetrator of bullying, please contact your child’s class teacher. Parents have a responsibility to support the school’s anti bullying policy and to actively encourage their child to be a positive member of the school.



Every pupil at Halstow has the right to feel safe at school. Be aware of how you act to others and feel confident enough to report any bad behaviour.  In the School Council, Circle Time and school assemblies, we talk about bullying issues. If you have any concerns for a friend please tell an adult.
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