Year 3 & 4

Welcome to our learning in Year 3 & 4 - Summer 1 and 2


This term in Year 3 and 4, the topic is Victorians.

The learning in Literacy includes:

• Oliver Twist discussion writing - Should workhouses have been allowed?

• Oliver Twist Eyewitness report

• Oliver Twist monologue

Numeracy learning includes:

3D shape

• Fractions of shapes

• Symmetry – reflectional, translational, rotational and lines of symmetry

• Direction and angles

• Volume, capacity and mass


Year 3 & 4 Latest News

Happy summer term to all - here are some lovely royal photos from our pre-half term Jubilee celebrations - thank you to Emilia for another fantastic feast

Posted: Wednesday 8th June 2022, 10:51am followed her to school one day...

Posted: Wednesday 27th April 2022, 11:03am

Meet Peggy, the school dog, who has brought much joy to everyone across the school over the past six months...

Posted: Friday 25th March 2022, 2:12pm
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