Teaching School

Royal Greenwich Teaching Schools Alliance

Vision and values

Improving outcomes for children through collaboration



As an alliance of schools we are committed to raising standards of learning and teaching in all phases of education in Greenwich. We are completely focused on transforming the lives of children, young people and their families by reducing inequalities in educational access and outcomes, and in developing resilience, determination, ambition and drive in our young people.

We will do this by ensuring the alliance is centred on the child/young person and therefore evaluate its effectiveness in relation to the success we have in raising standards and improving provision. We will ensure our work is quality assured to the highest standards so that there is integrity and trust in the support we offer and the work we do.

As an alliance of schools we are committed to research-led practice and work closely with our HEIs, the University of Greenwich and Goldsmiths, University of London and other institutions to ensure our practice is innovative and entrepreneurial in nature. In doing this, we aim to build practice across Greenwich that is creative, dynamic and completely fit for purpose as our young people grow up in an ever changing world.

We work closely with our Local Authority to support all schools and educational settings in building the very best provision for the communities they serve. We are committed to open and honest communication and respect the need for confidentiality and trust when schools require support and help.

Our ambitions for children drive all that we do. By connecting institutions, adults and young people we aim to build partnerships and communities whose common purpose is to improve life chances and engender a life-long love of learning.

Please see our School Direct Brochure for full details of the exciting experience you will have when you train to teach as part of our hub’ and provide the link to the booklet.